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Three-side seal pouch with anti-static properties

The three-side seal pouch is a flexible packaging made from static dissipative composite materials, with three sides sealed together to form a packaging pouch. This pouch is specially designed to prevent static electricity, keeping the contents safe and protected from static discharge.
  • The three-side seal pouch presents a streamlined yet optimal packaging solution with its three secure sealing lines. Its versatile design caters to a myriad of industries.
  • Utilizing materials that ensure food safety and hygiene standards.
  • Strong sealing lines and excellent adhesion between layers.
  • High resistance to oxygen and moisture.
  • Available with gloss/matte/varnish effects.
  • Handle options: Various handle options for convenient portability.
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  • Static Dissipation: Preventing and minimizing the accumulation of static electricity within the pouch.
  • Product Protection: Shielding the product from potential harm caused by static electricity.
  • Flexibility: Can be designed and manufactured in various sizes and shapes to suit specific packaging needs.
  • Sustainability: Utilizing quality flexible composite materials, ensuring durability during use and transportation.


  • Offering 100% recyclability, providing a more sustainable packaging solution for your brand.


  • Electronics industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food & Beverage
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Household Care Products



  • The packaging is printed with high-quality standards.
  • A variety of colors, tailored to designs and customer requirements.