Invest 1 million USD in environmental protection production lines

04/02/2020 16:16

In a world increasingly focused on environmental protection, Tapack, a pioneering company in the packaging industry, has decided to invest $1 million in a new production line aimed at environmental protection. This bold move not only demonstrates a commitment to sustainable development but also emphasizes Tapack’s role as a symbol of perseverance and a mindset always oriented towards the highest customer satisfaction.

With over 50 years of history since 1966 under the name Tan Tien Packaging Joint Stock Company, Tapack has continuously grown and affirmed its position in the packaging industry. Our goal is not only to become the leading manufacturer in Vietnam but also to expand our influence to Southeast Asia, Asia, and other neighboring countries.

The new production line is equipped with advanced technology that not only minimizes negative impacts on the environment but also optimizes the manufacturing process to increase material efficiency and reduce waste. This investment is a testament to Tapack’s commitment to sustainable production and environmental responsibility, while also providing customers with environmentally-friendly, high-quality, and innovative packaging solutions.

Tapack believes that investing in technology and environmentally-friendly production lines is not only an important step in fulfilling corporate social responsibility but also opens opportunities to develop new products that meet the increasing demands of customers for sustainable packaging.

Through this investment, Tapack not only reaffirms its position in the market but also positively contributes to reducing environmental pollution and raising awareness of the importance of protecting our planet. Tapack commits to continuing to invest in technology, research, and development to bring to the market optimal packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly and meet the most stringent requirements of customers.

With the goal of expanding its global vision, Tapack is not just a destination for optimal packaging solutions but also a pioneer in setting new standards for the packaging industry, towards a green and sustainable future.