04/03/2024 15:18

During the recent period, the company has implemented measures to restructure its organization, optimize production and business operations towards increasing productivity and quality, reducing waste, and saving costs to enhance product competitiveness. Despite the challenging economic situation, the leadership team will strive to achieve the company’s targets in 2014.

Currently, there is information circulating in the market about Massan’s acquisition of Tan Tien. However, the leadership team would like to confirm the following information: According to the shareholder list as of June 2014, Tan Tien’s shareholder structure is as follows:

  • Leadership Team and Employees: 23%
  • Foreign Investors: 2%
  • Company’s Stock Fund: 10%
  • Domestic Investors: 65%

The shareholder list does not include Massan Group. The majority of institutional shareholders are long-term investors in Tan Tien, such as Dai Tan Long, Viet Sieu, SSI, etc.